Nylon Filament Fishing Twine,Nylon Thread

നൈലോൺ ത്രെഡ്, ഫിഷിംഗ് ട്വിൻ

It's made of nylon polymer material with excellent comprehensive performance. It has the advantages of excellent transparency,high strength,good thermal stability,excellent corrosion resistance,and easy forming,dimensional stability,small linear expansion coefficient ,excellent electrical insulation and aging resistance,non-toxic and odorless.

MH nylon thread has complete specifications with reliable quality and fast delivery and can be customized according to the customer's needs. (such as quality,color,weight,packaging,etc.) to suit different market needs

വിശദീകരണം: thickness 0.08-3.0mm

പാക്കിംഗ്: normally packed with plastic spool, cone, tube or skein, in 2g-5000g


Due to its high strength,high gloss,high extensibility,MH nylon threads are favored by fashion designers ,it's widely used in the sequin embroidering ,veil,sports shoes,traditional costumes,arab carpet.

It's also the most common fishing thread,mostly in 0.1mm-0.6mm thickness. Fisherman can choose the appropriate thickness and strength according to different waters and fishing gear.


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